Did you know your IRS Identity Protection Pin Letter may contain the wrong date?

Have you ever had difficulty keeping your years straight when the New Year rolls around? Or even second-guessed what tax year you'll be filing?

If so, you're not alone...

The IRS feels your pain.

You might be receiving letters from the IRS with an incorrect year listed. These letters contain your Identity Protection PIN, which is intended to help verify your identity. But something is a little odd about the notice you may receive this year - the letter incorrectly indicates the IP PIN issued is to be used for filing the 2014 tax return when, in fact, it is to be used for the 2015 tax return.

The IRS states, "Taxpayers and tax professionals should be advised the IP PIN listed on the CP 01A Notice dated Jan. 4, 2016, is valid for use on all individual tax returns filed in 2016."

In other words, disregard the letter's reference to 2014. The PIN is for your 2015 tax return, and the IRS assures us it is valid.

For more information, be sure to visit the IRS update here:


Tom BanksComment